• 2600 Ocean Front Walk
  • Santa Monica, CA
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Join us on Sunday, October 6th for some amazing music, yoga, and fun activities while helping us do our part in keeping our beautiful Santa Monica beach clean.

Special thank you to Zero Debris for making it happen! :)



Beach Yoga SoCal & Iron Sharpens Iron Presents the Be Great! Health & Wellness Beach Clean Up!

Sunday, October 6th from 1 - 6 PM in Santa Monica, CA.

2600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA

Join us for our community collaborative fundraiser that is built around health & wellness, arts, entertainment, and philanthropy.

Our unique event is FREE to attend, open to all ages and delivered in a festival-type format.

NOTE: To attend for FREE, guests must register their tickets through our Eventbrite page.

The mission of our event is to inspire, empower, and educate people on the importance of taking care of our health and our planet.

To keep things organic and grassroots, there will be no electricity provided so we are keeping the entertainment acoustic and the attitudes down-to-earth!

Professionals can network, families can play, individuals can mingle, and EVERYONE can help clean up the beach while having a blast.

We are passionate about preserving the planet and we are committed to doing our part so we have partnered up with ZER0 DEBRIS, a local nonprofit to pioneer a new standard.

Our event features a live beach cleanup that we will execute both during and after our festival.

Additionally, Creative Charity Auctions is providing a collection of memorabilia (music, entertainment, and sports collectibles, to jewelry and handbags, travel packages and more) to benefit the Santa Monica-based nonprofit, ArtistsPalooza.

Activities and elements that we aim to include:
Live Beach Cleanup
Food & Beverage Vendors
Live Music & Performances
Martial Arts
Massage Therapy
Kids Activities
Photo Booth
Professional Networking

This community collaborative festival is designed to bring local businesses, individuals, and families together to learn about healthy lifestyles in a fun beach environment.

Special thank you to our partners:
Iron Sharpens Iron - LA
Beach Yoga SoCal
ArtisFactions Ad Agency
Zer0 Debris
ArtistsPalooza Nonprofit
New Mavericks
Answers For The Family Radio Show
GOAT Consulting Group
Jesse Watrous Photography & Media
Belize Runway Celebrity Photography
TracySaundersArt.com Photos & Gifts
Top Flyt Media
Flicks4Change Film Festival
Everyday Natural Products
US Health Fairs
Creative Charity Auctions LLC
Santa Monica Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Vital Proteins
RAMA & Wellness Club 蘆葦活躍武術
Divine Arts Master of Healing
Rise To Ritual
Grounded Heart Healing
Kolt Chiropractic Wellness Center
Sugar-Free Self-Care
Alex Your Fortune Teller
Green Business Networking
Bare Snacks
SUJA Juice
Santa Monica Music Center
Little Jasmine
feel Oki
Global Unity Foundation
Heal At Wheel
Veggie Grill
The Super Sustainables

Email us at info@isi-la.com for more information on our festival and to inquire about the following:
Audition to perform
Provide an activity
Partner with us
Beach Cleanup

Please email Tracy Saunders at info@artisfactions.com for all Media & Press inquiries.

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Closest parking is at Lot 5 South: 2600 Barnard Way, Santa Monica, CA (Fee is approx $10-12 per day that time of year)

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